Maria Paz (b. 1989, Quilpue, Chile), is an artist based in Oakland, CA working primarily in ceramics and painting. Her practice draws from the analysis of material culture practiced in Archeology. By creating illustrative sculptures, Paz aims to archive her path to familial healing in addition to her personal encounters with migration to the United States. She uses the symbolic imagery of her past and present life to reveal the fabric of her intersectional identity; an homage to the ceramic artifacts left before us. 

In 2015, Paz began to work as a lab technician in the ceramics department at Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA. In 2017, Paz exhibited her work in London, Britain at Something Gallery. She recently joined a sustainable ceramic collective called Mutual Stores in East Oakland and is currently working on an upcoming exhibition and collaboration with artist Grace Rosario Perkins that will be on show at Swim Gallery July 19, 2018.